Hey! I'm Nick - Owner & Operator of Vanguard Design Co. I appreciate you visiting my site!
VDC was created in late 2016, in the middle of my last year of college. A friend had asked me to create a brand logo for his Architectural Drafting company, so I opened up my laptop and went at it with all that I had.
I ended up finding something I enjoyed so much as a hobby that I wanted to turn it into a career. Ever since that day I have had a blast creating logos, badges, & brand identities for people near & far.
I currently reside in the great Pacific Northwest USA, and when I am not designing I enjoy drumming, hiking through forests & trails, & hanging out with my wife, family, & friends.
At Vanguard Design Co we believe in good old-fashioned hard work, patience, & creativity.
Put in hard work & excellence, reap the benefits. That’s the key.
Working hard on something you love & care about is always worth it. When I set out to create something, my aim is to always sow excellence, so that excellence is always the fruit reaped.
I believe that a professional Logo Design & Branding System is one of the best investments you can make for your brand. You reap what you sow; what you put in you’ll get out. Plain & simple.
Our logo depicts a plant in the middle with two empty spaces on the branch where the fruit was picked. When you have a strong design representing your business, you’ll be blessed with the fruit of that for as long as your business runs - just like a healthy plant.
For me, this logo is synonymous with excellence & growth.
It represents excellence in my design work, as well as my personal life.


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